The easiest way to plan healthy meals.


Finding healthy, high quality recipes is difficult.

In the current recipe and healthy eating landscape, we aren’t starved for choices. There are plenty of recipes online that promise nutritious and delicious meals . The main problem is finding quality recipes, and then finding time to create a meal plan or grocery list based on those recipes.

The team at Motivmo wanted to change that. What if they could take high quality recipes, sourced from trusted websites, and integrate with services like Amazon shopping? It was a compelling concept, and I was excited to help their team get a marketing page and product MVP together.

Working with the founders, I designed everything from the primary logo to the marketing page to the product experience itself. The aim was to have the branding and product feel more like a performance oriented technology company, rather than a culinary brand.

Marketing & Signup

The Home Feed

When someone first landed on Motivmo's app home page, we wanted to make the concept of performance and quality front and center. A featured collection would be highlighted at the top of the page as an opportunity for brand marketing or partnerships with nutrition publications.

A scroller immediately below would highlight recipes that have been getting a lot of attention on the platform, with an indicator of how many other Motivmo athletes had viewed it.

Below, the focus was to browse recipes on the platform with an approachable and familiar card interface. Each card could be interacted with from the home feed, and would show you where the recipe was sourced from and allow athletes to save it to their collections.

Recipe View

When viewing the details of the recipe, one of the most important pieces of information was the nutritional information of the meal. We developed a "Quick stats" section at the top of the recipe view that gave athletes a high level overview of the nutrient breakdown. The meters below each value would correspond to recommendations based on the athletes physical characteristics, along with their fitness goals.

Publisher Collections

Along with subscriptions, one of the monetization strategies of Motivmo's platform was to publish and promote recipe collections curated by other publishers or influencers. These collections would be shown in the home feed, and would have branded headers and layouts unique to each publisher.


In 2017, Motivmo launched in a closed beta for nutritionists in the Seattle area.