Andy Anderson, the founder of Sublevel Drum Company, is an old bandmate of mine and a good friend. When he started his company, he was making drum kits out of his in-laws basement, and wanted to create a Kickstarter campaign to help his small business get off the ground. I worked with Andy to create a new identity and website to launch alongside his Kickstarter campaign.


The Logo

There were quite a few ideas driving the logo: it needed to be simple enough for drum badges to put on the drumsets themselves, and be able to work in a variety of formats and versions. There were some words that guided the direction of the logo as well: humility, simplicity, foundation, clean, strong.

The Process

I started down the path of creating a custom typeface for the logo, along with a monogram to pair with it. I really wanted this direction to pan out, but as I kept exploring and iterating it was clear there was a better way.

The Solution

As it turns out, a monogram was a good choice. However, the one I spent a lot of time on didn't stand out. It quickly became apparent that a custom typeface was too busy, and a simpler version was required. The result was a monogram paired inside a badge that could be broken out into a variety of use cases.

This mark was able to be expanded across a wide variety of badges, merchandise, and the drums themselves.

Interactive Design

The Website

The site was a simple responsive design to communicate Sublevel's mission and vision. It was launched to support the Kickstarter campaign and ensure that anyone who wanted more information could easily find it. The two main pages of focus were the homepage and about page.

The Result

The campaign was a success, and the kickstarter was 110% funded to give Andy the funds he needed to start Sublevel. He's still making drum kits by hand in Michigan.