Office Hardware

When you're thinking about freelancing, or potentially taking the plunge like I've done, any bit of information you can find is pure gold. I can't tell you how many blogs I scoured, trying to find more info on freelance life. It was kind of a hassle, so I decided to start a series highlighting stuff I'm learning. This post is all about my hardware and the costs involved.

The Computer | $2048

I decided to get a 13-inch Retina Macbook Pro. I really love the portability of the Macbook air, but the display, power, and ability to add 16GB of RAM to the Pro sold me. Another bonus: this thing is incredibly light compared to the older, non-retina pros. It's just under 3.5 pounds, which makes carrying it in a bag or biking with it easy. The price I listed includes Applecare, which I personally buy with all my mac hardware. The plus side: My thunderbolt display is also covered by Applecare!

The Display | $999

I’ve spent the past two years using a cinema display at The Brigade, so when it came time for me to set up the home office, this was a no-brainer as far as requirements. The screen is gorgeous. If you're looking to do freelance work all day in your home office, don't sell yourself short on this one. Having it from day one is highly recommended.

The "Insurance" | $80

One thing is for certain: You need to back your crap up. To start, I just got this simple 1TB drive from Seagate, it's cheap and reliable, and you can find it here On Amazon. I'll probably buy a couple more for multiple backups, along with cloud storage.

AIAIAI TMA-1 Studio Headphones | $200

If you're anything like me, you probably listen to lots of music while you work. In the headphones department, the TMA-1 Studios are definitely in the higher-end category, so this is not a necessary piece of gear. However, I would invest in a pair you like that are comfortable for long listening periods.

The Mac Hook | $15

This brilliant little hook for your headphones is so useful. It was created by Workerman, who makes some terrific handmade stuff. The Mac Hook is currently unavailable. Maybe we can make a petition for him to make some more? Adam, what do you think?

Wacom Bamboo Connect | $50

I haven't used a mouse in over 3 years. Instead, I've been using this little guy, the Wacom Bamboo Connect. It's far from the best Wacom tablet, but it works really well and it's cheap. I'll most likely be upgrading this year, but you can score this tablet On Amazon for next to nothing.

Total Cost | $3,392

As you can see, this stuff isn't cheap. However, compared to starting your own cafe or brick-and-morter business, it's incredibly affordable. I hope the transparency of what I did will help you figure some stuff out on your own, and if you have questions about hardware, etc, feel free to get in touch.